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Karma boy – a sonic collective made up of Danny Ladwa, Pippo De Palma and Dalbir Singh Rattan, neither afraid to test musical boundaries. They met weeks before their first gig in 2018 and delivered a spontaneous performance lathered with improvisation, the essence of which now runs through the veins of their music. Armed with a tabla, a voice and a guitar, these guys have a vision and a story to tell. A story about escaping from Africa, a story about this very moment in time and a vision of a better world.

Each member comes from a different school of music – Pippo De Palma with his alternative rock influence, Dalbir Singh Rattan with classical Indian tabla and Danny Ladwa bringing his soulful tones and beatbox rhythms. Each member is comfortable with free-form music and improvisation which is how the band largely work to create their material. They experimented with various ideas to create their sound using layered vocal and guitar loops and the end result is tribal rhythms, emotive soundscapes and a high energy, uplifting sound with a powerful message.

The debut EP ~ ‘LIGHT‘ was recorded on the gorgeous isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK. The utter isolation on this stunning island allowed the band to fully immerse themselves into the recording sessions. A perfect setting for the creation of this EP comprising of 4 tracks Feel Lifted, Our Days, Like A Warrior & Born In Encore.